Signs Your Home Needs More Insulation

April 24, 2018

All homes should be insulated, but that doesn’t mean that your whole home is insulated to the extent it ought to be. Time and time again we find homes that are under-insulated and could use some more insulation to be more energy efficient and comfortable throughout the year. Thankfully, as long as you know what to look for, it’s not hard to tell if your home needs more insulation. Continue reading to find out if you need to schedule attic insulation installation in Petaluma, CA:

  • Fluctuating temperatures: The fastest way to tell that your home is under-insulated is if your indoor temperatures are different in each room. For example, if your bedrooms are warm but your living room is cold, you know that something is amiss with your insulation. Thankfully, that’s not a hard problem to fix—just give us a call! We can address that problem so you’re comfortable throughout your home.
  • High energy bills: Along with keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, insulation’s main job is to keep your energy bills as inexpensive as possible. That’s tough if your home doesn’t have enough insulation! Call us for an insulation inspection if you’re tired of spending an arm and a leg each month on your energy bills.
  • Cold walls: This one won’t apply for a few months, but if you notice that your walls are chilly this winter, your home is probably under insulated. Go around your home and touch your walls. Do they feel damp or cold? Let’s hope not! That’s a sure sign that you need more insulation. Your ceilings and floors might also feel a bit cold to the touch if your home doesn’t have enough insulation.
  • Uncomfortable rooms: Are some rooms in your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Typically, we find that this is a problem on the upper levels of homes. Luckily, attic insulation installation in Petaluma, CA could be a solution. More insulation will keep your heat or conditioned air in and block outdoor weather from entering.
  • Frozen pipes: Running your water on freezing cold nights is one way to prevent frozen pipes. We may be able to prevent the need to turn your faucet on by adding insulation. Insulation will keep your pipes warm throughout the winter, ensuring you never have to deal with frozen pipes again.
  • Water leaks: Insulation does wonders to keep your conditioned air in and nasty weather out! If you’re lacking insulation in the attic, you could notice leaks after a rainstorm. More insulation (especially spray foam insulation) will help keep your home nice and dry after a storm.
  • Pests in your home: Few things are more unsettling than finding signs of mice or insects in your home. They sneak in through crevices and build their nests where it’s nice and comfortable inside. Adding insulation by your exterior walls should help keep these nasty pests out!

As you can see, more insulation in your home can solve a variety of problems. From high energy bills to plumbing problems, some more insulation can make your home a better place to be. Get in touch with Ace Insulation Inc. today if you’re ready to live a more comfortable life!

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