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Helpful Ideas to Draft-Proof Residential Doors and Windows

January 4, 2020

Homeowners choose to install insulation in their Northern California homes for one main reason: to protect their living spaces from outside air. You might be thinking to yourself that your walls and attic are already insulated, so you don’t need to install insulation. However, this may not be the case. Keep in mind that many older homes can actually benefit from new or additional insulation material, while the owners of newly-built homes need to carefully consider their options during the design phase. However, poor insulation is not the only cause of cold drafts in the winter. Drafts can be found... View Article

Five Ways to Insulate Your Home This Winter

December 21, 2019

You generally can’t see your wall and ceiling insulation, unless you’re up in the attic. Insulation is out of sight, so you might not give it much thought, unlike the condition of your doors, windows or floors, since you can see these features. But there are other factors aside from insulation material that play a role in how well your house is insulated against the elements. Come winter, you may notice cold drafts or your heater seemingly not warming up your home as it did in winters past. Your personal comfort is important, and high heating bills are no one’s... View Article

Why Should I Insulate My Attic This Fall?

November 11, 2019

Your attic may be the ideal space for storage, but it’s also meant to protect your home from the elements—that is, assuming it’s properly insulated.  Here are some benefits of investing in professional attic insulation installation in Northern California this fall. Less heater wear and tear Older homes and homes with insufficient insulation tend to be drafty year-round. Cold air can seep inside in the fall, while warm air escapes. Not only does poor insulation create a less comfortable environment, it’s also a top cause of wear and tear on heating and cooling systems. The HVAC system ends up working... View Article

Home Insulation Tips for Saving Energy This Fall

October 28, 2019

It’s important for every homeowner to take stock of preventative home maintenance needs at least a few times a year. Every season can bring new weather-related challenges your way, but be prepared and things will be fine. Consider your home insulation, for example—insulation can refer to more than just the materials placed inside walls and attics to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. It’s also possible to insulate your house against the weather in other ways. With this in mind, here are some tips to help improve the insulation in your Northern California home this fall: Check the insulation: Chances are, your... View Article

Why Spray Foam and Fall Are an Ideal Pair

October 8, 2019

Fall has arrived, which means the weather is going to be getting progressively cooler over the next couple months, bringing with it more wind and rain. If you want to make sure you’re able to stay comfortable throughout the changing of the seasons, especially once winter arrives, then you should consider making some upgrades to the insulation in your home as needed. If you intend to upgrade your home’s insulation, then you can do no better than spray foam insulation. This is the best solution on the market to stop drafts and to create a more effective seal, keeping your... View Article

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