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The History and Hazards of Fiberglass Insulation

October 17, 2022

Insulation is a necessity for most people to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature during extreme weather conditions. The most common type of insulation is fiberglass, which is made from tiny glass fibers. However, is fiberglass insulation safe? Although fiberglass is an effective insulator, it can be dangerous to work with due to the small glass fibers that can cause irritation. Read further to find out more about fiberglass insulation. What Is Fiberglass? Fiberglass insulation is made from glass fibers that are spun into a web and then bonded together with a resin. It can be found in a... View Article

The Different Types Of Fireproof Insulation

October 17, 2022

You need to have a clear understanding of the types of fireproof insulation that you can consider for your home. You don’t want to make use of types of insulation that cannot enable you to deal with excessive fire on your property. Using fireproof insulation is a creative way of ensuring that you are highly protected. Here are some of the best fireproof insulation types you should consider for your home. 1. Fibrous Mats Over the years, fibrous mats have been used for various purposes. They are known to be highly effective when it comes to protecting properties from fire. The mats are... View Article

What Insulation Works Best For Your New Home

October 3, 2022

There is no doubt you’re probably looking for the best insulation for your new construction home. As you already know, there are different types of insulation for your new home that you can consider. The goal is to ensure that the insulation you choose will meet your home’s specific needs. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know the most appropriate insulation to consider. Here are the different insulation types you can choose for your new home. 1. Spray Foam Insulation Traditionally, this is one of the most common insulation types people use for their homes. It is made from a mix of two... View Article

The Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

September 26, 2022

One effective way to cut down on your energy bills is to insulate your home. Home insulation ensures that indoor temperatures remain comfortable by keeping heat out when it is hot outside — and in when a warmer indoor temperature is needed. Because of insulation, you will not have to rely heavily on the HVAC system to keep comfortable indoor temperatures. Several insulation products are on the market, each of which has its benefits. Research shows that about 85 percent of American homeowners are insulating their attics using fiberglass. What then makes fiberglass such a popular material for home insulation?  The... View Article

The Difference Between Blown-In Insulation and Spray Foam Insulation

September 12, 2022

Having good insulation in your home is very important. When your home is properly insulated, it can help keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can make your home a more comfortable and safe place to live and help you manage your monthly energy bills. When looking for new insulation, it is important to consider the various types of insulation. In most cases, property owners invest in blown-in insulation or spray foam insulation. It is important to understand the differences between the two.  What Is Blown-In Insulation? With blown-in insulation, the space between joists and wall studs... View Article

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