What Are the Differences Between Fiberglass and Spray Foam Insulation in Petaluma, CA?

September 20, 2015

There are many different decisions that come into play when completing a construction or remodeling project for your home or business. One of the most important choices you will have to make is what type of insulation to install. Insulation is the padding between a structure’s walls that stops the transfer of air from the inside to the outside, and vice versa. This important part of your property helps regulate temperature and energy efficiency.

While there are several popular forms of insulation, each type offers unique benefits. Whether you’re looking for fiberglass or spray foam insulation in Petaluma, CA, it is important to know the differences between various types so that you can make the right choice for your property.

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation in Petaluma, CA is a relatively new type of material that can be used as a primary or supportive method of insulation for a property. The insulation process starts with the foam being sprayed onto open walls and ceilings. There, the polyurethane material expands, making an air-tight and sometimes moisture-tight seal. This type of material can be applied in small areas around windows and door frames, or throughout the interior of every wall and ceiling in a building. For larger projects, professional help is essential in correctly installing the insulation.

Spray foams can be expensive when compared to other kinds of insulation, and their installation can be messy or difficult if you try to do it yourself. However, this type of foam is one of the best choices if you are looking for an energy efficient and long-lasting insulation option. Because it expands once it touches a surface, the foam is able to fill corners and cracks that other insulation cannot reach. This means, when properly installed, it offers more protection against air leaks.

Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation is a more traditional option for property owners. Most people are familiar with this type of insulation, and it is especially common in residential properties. Fiberglass contains many glass fibers and is available in blankets or rolls that can be placed into new construction and attics. During its installation, the insulation is carefully cut and fitted to the frame of a building, and provides a loose fit into its structure.

Fiberglass is one of the most affordable types of insulation, and is comparatively easy to install. Also, many people choose this type of insulation because they are most familiar with it, and have used it previously. However, there can be certain drawbacks to fiberglass insulation. In some cases, fiberglass is not as effective as spray foam at preventing leaks in the flow of air in and out of your home. Also, this type of insulation disintegrates at a faster rate after installation than polyurethane spray foam.

If you are working on a construction or remodeling project and need to decide which type of insulation is best for your property, it is wise to consult a professional for guidance. For more information on insulation installation, please call the professionals at Ace Insulation Inc today.

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