Why Choose Loose Fill Insulation in Petaluma, CA for Your Home?

October 1, 2015

Picking the right insulation for your home is no small endeavor and one that has huge ramifications in regards to your comfort and quality of life. Luckily, today’s modern insulation options are highly efficient and can be tailored to fit your home, no matter what your insulation needs might be. One such option happens to be loose fill insulation in Petaluma, CA, and it’s one that every homeowner should consider as they look to upgrade their home’s R-value.

Loose fill insulation is actually a form of cellulose—organic matter insulation—that is proven to dramatically raise your home’s ability to properly mitigate heat loss. Loose fill insulation is often comprised of recycled paper products, cardboard and other wastepaper products. The entire batch of insulation is shredded down into pellets and chemically treated, to make it fire- and insect-resistant.

What makes loose fill insulation in Petaluma, CA such an optimal choice—aside from its clear environmental benefits—is the high effectiveness of the product when it’s in place. Because the fibers of loose fill will not expand and contract with the season and are packed in such a way that prevents settling over time, they retain their composure decades after installation, making loose fill a truly viable option for homeowners seeking to improve the effectiveness of their home’s insulation.

Thanks to loose fill insulation’s small size, yet prolific capacity when filled into gaps between walls, it’s tremendously effective at trapping heat and preventing its escape to the outside world. The layering effect that loose fill has when sprayed in reduces pockets that can form with other types of insulation and creates a more even barrier of protection to keep homeowners comfortable throughout the year.

Finally, there’s proven science behind loose fill insulation in Petaluma, CA that makes it an optimal choice for homeowners who are swayed by hard facts and data. The R-value of loose fill—on a per square footage basis—comes in at about 2.5. On the R-scale, this would put loose fill above regular building materials such as brick, stone or plywood, as well as other insulation materials, including regular fiberglass insulation strips.

Depending on your home, the cost of loose fill may be lower or higher than other options, since it’s largely determined on how thick your insulation area is and how many layers are required to fill that area. Generally, however, loose fill will come in at a comparable cost to other traditional insulation options, making it a consideration that should be looked at more closely on most accounts.

To learn more about loose fill insulation, it’s properties or its benefits, don’t be afraid to consult with an expert insulation contractor today! The professionals at Ace Insulation Inc. have a depth of experience with loose fill insulation and can explain to you the properties and benefits to having this revolutionary insulation option installed in your home. We’re always happy to help homeowners realize the true benefits of the insulation option that will best benefit their living space.

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