Top Spring and Summer Benefits of Insulation in Petaluma, CA

March 23, 2018

When considering what to do for your next home improvement project, take a moment to assess your insulation situation. You will need to schedule a professional insulation inspection, but it’s worth it since insulation plays a major role in overall home comfort all year round. For now, here are the top benefits of proper home and building insulation in Petaluma, CA in spring and summer:

  • Efficient cooling: While a properly insulated house keeps the heat inside during the frigid winter months, it also maintains coolness during the warmer months. In other words, because the transfer of heat slows, it keeps the heat out during the summer. For this reason, an insulated home allows for way more efficient cooling than a home with poor quality or insufficient insulation in place.
  • Improved indoor air quality: The spring season is such a beautiful time of the year. The sun is out, flowers are blooming and the breeze is pleasantly cool, but those suffering from seasonal allergies tend to be a bit less excited about the pollen produced by blooming trees and plants, and understandably so. To maintain healthy indoor air quality in your home, make sure that you have sufficient insulation in place. Insulation can prevent allergens and air pollutants from passing through into your home. Also, remember to change your home’s air filter each month to ensure cleaner indoor air.
  • Better comfort: It’s not unusual for some areas of your home to be better insulated than others. You can observe this when the temperature is more comfortable in some rooms. This can lead to uneven cooling, as unwanted heat gain can compromise your comfort, as well as put excessive strain on your air conditioner. Hire an exceptional team of insulation technicians to ensure your overall comfort at home this spring and summer.
  • Prevents air conditioner burnout: The quickest way to need air conditioner repairs—or a unit replacement—is to run it hard for long periods of time. Making things even worse is having insufficient or poor quality insulation in your home, or not sealing up your home against air leaks. All these things leave you reaching for the thermostat all the time, though this might not help improve the indoor temperature much. Too much stress on your air conditioner can shorten its lifespan. And the filter will get dirty quicker, which affects the indoor air quality in your home.
  • Lower energy bills: Sure, if you have a central air conditioner you will want to use it when the warmer months arrive. But you don’t want to rely solely on your air conditioning system for indoor comfort—proper home insulation and air sealing helps out greatly in this area. Running your AC less often or on a less powerful setting will significantly decrease your energy usage, thus lowering monthly energy bills and saving you money.

Do you think you can benefit from new or improved insulation in Petaluma, CA this spring and summer? Call the residential and commercial insulation professionals at Ace Insulation Inc. today to learn more!

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