The Four Most Important Places to Install Insulation in Petaluma, CA

January 12, 2017

To maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round, and to keep your heating and cooling costs low, insulation in your home can’t just be placed on one level in your house. From the foundation to the attic, insulation needs to be present throughout your home. Here are a few of the most important parts of your home in which to install insulation in Petaluma, CA.

The foundation

Your home must literally have insulation starting from the ground up. Insulation around the foundation will not only keep downstairs rooms warm, but it can also help prevent moisture buildup and prevent mold growth. Spray foam insulation is a great option for finished basements. While it’s the most expensive type of insulation on the market, it also works the best to keep rooms warm, and it absorbs any type of moisture that touches it.

Insulation is still important around the foundation even if you don’t have a basement. Crawlspace insulation is necessary to keep pipes warm and to help prevent moisture from building up. A lot of heat can escape through your floors, too, which is why it’s a good idea to insulate the top of the crawlspace, as well as its sides.

Unheated and non-air conditioned garages

If your home’s garage is unheated and/or doesn’t have air conditioning, proper insulation can do wonders to keep it warm during the winter, and cooler during the summer. Insulation can also work to prevent toxic fumes from vehicle exhaust and solvents from getting inside of your home.

Around windows and doors

Even when they’re shut tight, heat is lost most quickly around your windows. Make sure that you have a thick layer of insulation around each of your windows to prevent as much heat and cool air as possible from escaping. The same principle holds true for your doors.

The attic

Perhaps the most important place to properly install insulation in Petaluma, CA is in your attic. It doesn’t matter if your attic is used for storage, or for an extra room: it needs really good insulation. Rising heat from downstairs can easily flow right out of your home through cracks in the attic walls. Losing heat like that will quickly run up your electric bill. In addition, cold air getting in from outside will make your house feel cold and drafty all winter.

Just like in the basement, proper insulation in your attic can also help prevent moisture from building up. Leaks from your roof are obviously going to affect your attic before any other part of your home. Spray foam insulation will absorb rainwater before it turns into mold. Rising moisture can also affect your attic. Steam from showers and faucets located downstairs rises, just like hot air. If the floor of your attic is improperly insulated, that moisture can quickly get into your attic and cause mold growth on all of your belongings.

Whether you’re in the process of building a home or just want to install more insulation in Petaluma, CA in your existing home, give Ace Insulation Inc. a call to handle all of your insulation needs!

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