Achieving a Net Zero Home with Insulation Service in Petaluma, CA

August 1, 2016

The benefits of establishing a net zero home are countless. You will be helping extend the life of our environment, saving money and creating a healthier atmosphere for your family to live in. You too can reap these benefits and achieve a net zero home with the help of insulation service in Petaluma, CA.

What is a net zero home?

The goal of any net zero home is to create an energy efficient home that is both comfortable and enjoyable to live in, while also storing and reusing the energy created for future consumption. This type of home greatly reduces the carbon footprint left on the environment because it is designed to sustain itself.

Another important characteristic of a net zero home is the ability to be able to use what is produced naturally for energy, causing you to be less reliant on other methods that could potentially hurt the environment. Take, for example, the use of electricity. Instead of relying solely on conventional methods of electricity, net zero energy homes use many different, creative ways to power themselves. Many of these homes are powered using solar energy, while others may use wind or geothermal energy. When using solar energy, the net zero houses are positioned in a way that allows them to take full advantage of the sun’s light and warmth as much as possible during the daytime.

A net zero home will also use quality building materials during construction to ensure that while the sun is being used thoroughly, the home will not be subject to overexposure. But in order to truly take advantage of solar energy and achieve a home that boasts net zero capabilities, insulation must play a key role.

What role does insulation play?

In order for your home to sustain itself and create and use renewable energy, you have to find a way to make sure that the energy flow that is already in progress is not broken, and spray foam insulation is the perfect way to do this. How much insulation you will have to use will be determined by the climate, as well as the responsiveness of your home to this climate. The ultimate goal, though, is to have your house sealed so well that you are facilitating the flow of energy within your home, allowing you to become less reliant on artificially created energy.

This is why insulation is critical to any net zero home. Spray foam insulation offers the best sealing properties around doors and windows, and in other hard-to-reach places that allow energy to escape your home. Once this insulation barrier has been installed, your home will be able to use the energy that is already flowing more effectively. Over time, the more energy you are able to store inside, the more renewable energy you will have, and the more your energy bills will decrease.

Overall, insulation service in Petaluma, CA makes the home less reliant on HVAC systems, which will lead to much smaller energy bills and an almost non-existent footprint on the environment. Contact Ace Insulation Inc. to find out how your family can reap the benefits of a fully insulated home.

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