The Benefits of Blown-In Cellulose Insulation in Petaluma, CA

July 15, 2016

Many older houses in California had been built without insulation, meaning right now there is a hot market for insulation both in new construction and for retrofitting older homes. Putting in insulation adds value to your home and allows it to be significantly more energy efficient.

One of the most popular types of insulation in Petaluma, CA is blown-in cellulose, which can be especially excellent for remodeling purposes. Here are a few of the many benefits of blown-in cellulose insulation for remodeling:

  • Environmentally friendly: Studies by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) indicate that cellulose insulation manufactured from recycled paper is the least polluting form of insulation. It features the highest amount of post-consumer recycled content, at a minimum of 75 percent. Compare this to fiberglass, for example, which averages only 35 percent recycled glass by volume.
  • Energy efficient: The NRDC has also found cellulose insulation to be the most energy-efficient form of insulation. It has significantly better resistance to airflow than other forms, and prevents air moving upward when temperatures rise and drop. Compare this to fiberglass insulation, which has a retention value that decreases by as much as 50 percent when temperatures drop from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the production of cellulose insulation is more energy efficient, as it takes more than 10 times as much energy to create fiberglass insulation as it does to make cellulose insulation.
  • Safe for use: There is a wide variety of major (and well documented) health risks associated with fiberglass, especially when it becomes airborne. However, there are no adverse health effects that have been reported arising out of use of cellulose insulation.
  • Durable: Properly installed cellulose will never settle inside the walls, which means there will always be even insulation and air protection. It also does not rot, mildew or decay, and will not support any fungus or mold growth. Not only does this mean that it will retain its energy saving abilities with long lasting use, but it will also prevent a reduction in air quality associated with molds and fungi. Finally, cellulose is non-corrosive to copper, steel and aluminum, meaning you do not have to worry about it weakening your plumbing over the course of time.
  • Financial savings: Cellulose insulation will help you to dramatically decrease your monthly heating and cooling bills over time. Cellulose is the type of insulation that performs most consistently in both summer and winter.
  • Reach all areas: Blowing the insulation into the walls ensures you will reach all of the areas that would otherwise be hard to get to. Once it is in place, the insulation expands to cover all open areas inside of the walls. It is also a significantly less invasive option than, say, having to tear down walls to install the insulation in your home.

Blown-in cellulose insulation has become extremely popular because of all of these benefits. Contact us today at Ace Insulation, Inc. for more information about insulation in Petaluma, CA.

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