Six Signs Your Home Insulation in Petaluma, CA Needs Replacing

January 1, 2016

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have owned your home for years, the insulation within your walls and ceiling may take a backseat in your mind simply because it’s hidden. Though negligence is often unintentional, not regularly inspecting areas lined with insulation for signs like age and dampness can lead to costly fixes and wasted home energy. With that in mind, here are six signs you might need to replace your home insulation in Petaluma, CA:

  • Your energy bills are high: If you are spending a ton of money month after month running the heater or air conditioner just to keep yourself comfortable, installing high quality insulation in your attic, basement, garage and walls could be the solution to your problems. Over time, when your insulation material is old, what you get is inadequate hot air and cold air retention throughout your entire You will end up paying a lot more without having benefited much from your HVAC system being on.
  • You notice indoor temperature changes: Even with the air conditioner or heater humming at full blast, does your home never seem to reach a comfortable temperature? If this is the case, this is a prime indication that your home needs an insulation overhaul. Otherwise, without a properly insulated home, in the summer your home may run hot, and in the winter it may run cold.
  • There are indoor drafts: If there are noticeable drafts in your house, there is a good chance your insulation is not doing its job. When home insulation in Petaluma, CA needs replacing, you will feel drafts when walking close to walls, under the attic entryway or in crawlspaces. Whether your insulation is too old, damaged or was never installed, the team at Ace Insulation Inc. can help to get your home to draft-free status quickly and at reasonable rates.
  • Insulation is wet: Indications that you’re likely going to find wet attic insulation include missing roof singles and roof rot, or moistened cracks in the foundation or walls. Leaks can lead to wet insulation, making it less effective in keeping your house warm or cool. If this is the case, call us immediately to replace the damaged home insulation before it gets worse.
  • Critters have moved in: Having unwanted attic tenants is terrible, not just in the fact that an animal family has moved into your home, but also because wild animals can destroy your insulation during their move-in process and throughout their stay. If you have small guests in your attic, call pest control to remove them, and then call in the professionals to replace any soiled insulation.
  • Your house is old: If you bought a house constructed before 1970, there’s a chance you have asbestos-based insulation. In houses even older than that, you may have little to no insulation at all. If this sounds like your house, you may want to have us inspect and evaluate your home to see how the insulation might be upgraded.

From installation to removal, inspections and consultations, at Ace Insulation Inc., we offer a wide range of services for home insulation in Petaluma, CA to help make your domain a safe and comfortable place to live. Call us today to learn more!

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