Determining the Best Garage Insulation in Petaluma, CA

November 15, 2015

An insulated garage means less noise, better temperature control and the decreased likelihood of toxic fumes entering your home. When you decide to make your garage into a better space through insulation, it is common for your contractor to offer many options. This can seem confusing at first, but making a decision is often balanced between needs and budget. Here is an overview of three types of insulation often installed in garages to help you decide which will work best for you.

Batt insulation

The combination of fiberglass and cotton makes batt insulation in Petaluma, CA a cost‑effective option. It is often a popular choice for garages because some households do not use them much except for storage, and that is seen as a good reason to only use low‑cost options. Another advantage is its easy installation—contractors only need to wedge it between the studs.

However, depending on how your garage is put together, there may be additional steps. If your garage is very bare-bones with no drywall, your contractor may have to do a complete remodel first. For those who do a lot of woodwork or any other craft projects that require stains and other odorous chemicals, you may also need a vapor barrier so those fumes do not enter your home.

Blown-in insulation

If you do not have drywall but want to pass on a remodel, blown-in insulation is a good choice. All a contractor needs to do is put a hole in the wall and blow in a cellulose insulating material. Afterwards, the hole gets patched and you get to enjoy all the benefits of an insulated garage. This installation is not only quick, but it is also desirable due to the fact that garages are often cluttered spaces.

Unlike other forms of insulation, you will not have to move cars, washers and dryers, power tools or storage before the contractor arrives. You will pay more, but you’ll also invest less time in preparatory labor. That is frequently worth it for many customers.

Foam board

Another option for those uninterested in drywall but lacking the budget for blown-in is foam board. It is a rigid board that does not require any other type of support—it is simply secured to the garage walls. However, it is also not always allowed under building code, and installing it without checking first can leave you vulnerable to penalties. You also want to be careful to choose a variety that is flame-tested and, when in doubt, add a radiant barrier.

The type of insulation that works best for you will depend on the activities that take place in your garage and your budget. People who simply store cars and do laundry in their garages will have a different insulation need than those who perform large projects with lots of chemicals or power tools. Bring up any special requests or circumstances when discussing insulation with a contractor.

Ace Insulation Inc offers insulation in Petaluma, CA for attics, garages and the living areas of your home or business. Call us today to see what will work best for you.

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