Choosing an Insulation Service in Petaluma, CA

November 1, 2015

There are many contractors who provide insulation service in Petaluma, CA. The overwhelming aspect that often enters the picture is how to distinguish between them. You want the skills and materials you can afford, but also want someone with whom you feel comfortable working in your home. Here are five steps you can take to assure you hire the best insulation contractor for your project:

  • Ask friends for referrals: Start with people you know and trust the most. Someone in your circle has likely hired out for insulation, and that individual will have a recommendation of whom to use—or whom to avoid. Start with friends, family and coworkers. Even if they have never hired an insulation contractor, they likely know someone who did recently, and that information can also help you.
  • Surf the web: The U.S. Department of Energy contains a directory for insulation contractors. This can be a good starting point, as that is an agency devoted to energy savings. If that is your goal, finding a contractor who embraces those values can be important. You will also learn more about insulation as you visit that site. Other places to check will be the contractor’s board and the Better Business Bureau. Trade organizations can also help, so look at their websites, too.
  • Check for thoroughness: If a contractor offers an estimate, the review of the area you want insulated and any specific needs should be thorough. This does not always include a home visit, as phone inquiries can be detailed with the right questions. Beware if the attention paid to your project is only cursory. Not only can it mean rising costs as the project continues, but it can also indicate that the work will not always be performed with quality in mind.
  • Call the references: Once you meet a contractor and receive a bid, request references. Calling other homeowners who also had work done by the contractor is a great way to check the quality, timeliness and customer service during that job. Yelp and other online review sites are also helpful. While there are customers on those sites that are never satisfied with anything, you will find it easy to assess workmanship through context. If a contractor will not provide references, consider someone else. There is likely a good reason for that refusal.
  • Confirm certification and insurance: You will also want to inquire about certification and insurance. Insulation contractors have insurance and bond requirements, and must also meet certain certification levels. If a contractor is unwilling to provide this information, move on to someone else. Insurance coverage is vital, as your home’s personal liability policy can be charged if a worker is injured while performing a job. You do not want someone else’s oversight to raise your premiums and threaten future coverage.

Ace Insulation Inc offers skilled insulation service in Petaluma, CA. We are willing to answer questions and give estimates to help reassure you. Call us today to start the process of insulating your home for cost savings and a better indoor living environment.

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