The Best Insulation For Commercial Buildings

May 23, 2022

Over the last couple of years, building codes in many jurisdictions have been updated to mandate that commercial buildings operate more efficiently. Installing insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways of making your commercial building more efficient. Such regulation has likely been put in your jurisdiction, and that’s why you want to insulate your commercial building, or the code is being considered, and you want to stay ahead of the curve. You should know that choosing the proper insulation for commercial buildings is crucial as it helps achieve maximum efficiency.

Types of Insulations for Commercial Buildings

  • Fiberglass blanket: Also known as batt insulation, it is a common type of insulation that consists of a couple of fiberglass layers stacked together to create a blanket. This insulation can be installed on walls, ceilings and floors. It’s typically sandwiched between thick cardboard or paper pieces to prevent it from collecting moisture and other incursions.
  • Fiberglass board: Also called a rigid board, it’s created by stacking up layers of fiberglass and compressing them to be stiff. It’s usually installed to eliminate drafts and provide a thermal break while keeping inside temperatures consistent.
  • Rock wool: This insulation is created with high-density mineral wool and is prevalently used to insulate pipes, small spaces and any other features that require extra insulation. Rock wool also works to absorb or block sound and protects against fire risks.
  • Spray foam: This insulation requires special equipment to spray expanding foam to the surface that you need to be insulated. Spray foam insulation is considered high-performance insulation as it has a high R-value. It’s also mold-resistant, waterproof, stops air leaks and fills gaps and cracks.
  • Loose-fill insulation: It is also known as blown-in insulation, and it needs special equipment to blow it into the space you want to be insulated. The insulating material is often made from recycled fiberglass or cellulose. It’s typically used for insulating lighting fixtures, electrical panels, vents and ductwork.

Which Is the Proper Insulation for Your Commercial Building?

Every commercial building is unique. Picking the proper insulation that can maximize your building efficiency can be challenging. This is why it’s vital to seek an insulation expert to evaluate your building. After the inspection, they will give you recommendations on what type of insulation will best suit your commercial building and your budget. You should know that you can use different types of insulation for different parts of your building to keep the insulation cost down while maximizing efficiency.

Do You Need an Insulation Contractor in Petaluma, CA?

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