Home Insulation Tips for Saving Energy This Fall

October 28, 2019

It’s important for every homeowner to take stock of preventative home maintenance needs at least a few times a year. Every season can bring new weather-related challenges your way, but be prepared and things will be fine. Consider your home insulation, for example—insulation can refer to more than just the materials placed inside walls and attics to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. It’s also possible to insulate your house against the weather in other ways.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help improve the insulation in your Northern California home this fall:

  • Check the insulation: Chances are, your home is insulated, but you should have it checked periodically. Sufficient insulation is important for anyone wanting to maintain an energy-efficient home. After all, insulation is your first line of defense against extreme outdoor conditions. Insufficient insulation or compromised areas within the insulation can negatively impact the integrity of the home’s structure, which can lead to costly home repair needs. As a homeowner, you might consider installing new insulation in the attic and elsewhere to keep energy costs down.
  • Check for air leaks: It’s worth the time it takes to evaluate your home for air leaks. Checking the windows, door frames, attic, basement, exposed pipes and other features at risk for air leaks is one of the best things you can do to help identify areas in need of sealing or insulating. Ultimately, a properly sealed home contributes to both insulation and HVAC efficiency.
  • Replace weather stripping: The windows and exterior facing doors of your home should have blemish free weather stripping around them. If the weather stripping is damaged or missing, you will feel drafts seeping in this fall and winter. These protective seals are inexpensive insulation solutions that will keep cold air out and warm air in.
  • Seal and insulate ductwork: Whether your ducts are new or old, have them tested for leaks. Sealing ducts can boost indoor comfort during the cooler months and increase the efficiency of your furnace, saving you money on energy bills. Insulating ductwork is another step to prevent leaks. Ductwork insulation in Northern California is available in blankets and sleeves for easy wrapping.
  • Upgrade windows: Take a look at your home’s windows and note which ones are made with single-pane glass. During fall, windows with this older glass will let cold air enter and warm air escape. If your budget allows, consider investing in a window upgrade to more energy-efficient double- or triple-pane glass. Keep in mind that the quality of the window installation is just as important as the type of new windows you choose.
  • Hang curtains: Hanging heavy curtains is another way to insulate your home this fall. Curtains act as an extra layer of defense against cold air drafts. You can also install cellular shades that insulate windows and filter sunlight to keep your home warmer during the day.

For more information about your choices for home insulation in Northern California, contact the team at Ace Insulation Inc. Reach out to us today to speak with a knowledgeable insulation expert!

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