Why Should I Insulate My Attic This Fall?

November 11, 2019

Your attic may be the ideal space for storage, but it’s also meant to protect your home from the elements—that is, assuming it’s properly insulated.  Here are some benefits of investing in professional attic insulation installation in Northern California this fall.

Less heater wear and tear

Older homes and homes with insufficient insulation tend to be drafty year-round. Cold air can seep inside in the fall, while warm air escapes. Not only does poor insulation create a less comfortable environment, it’s also a top cause of wear and tear on heating and cooling systems. The HVAC system ends up working overtime to maintain an even temperature throughout your home. The good news is that proper attic insulation keeps cool air from lingering, while heat rises, giving your heater a break.

Lower energy bills

Using less energy is good for the environment and kinder on your wallet. Everyone welcomes lower energy bills, but these can be difficult to achieve when you’re having to run the heater constantly throughout the cooler months. Investing in attic insulation installation in Northern California to seal up your home can save you money on heating and cooling costs—up to 15 percent! In many cases, this equates to hundreds of dollars a year.

Safer home structure

Believe it or not, insulating your attic can prevent gradual damage to your home’s structure caused by heat and moisture accumulation. Insulation can help a lot. It stops water vapor from seeping in and destroying your walls. Insulation also slows down heat buildup in your attic and crawl spaces, conditions which can cause roofing shingles to swell and crack or the roof deck to soften. Another thing attic insulation is good for is preventing moisture buildup that often leads to mold growth.

Better indoor air quality

A lack of attic insulation may be the reason for excessive outdoor pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen and mold spores entering your home. This is not surprising, since poor insulation is the main culprit for air leaks. Over time, these airborne toxins can accumulate inside the house and significantly compromise your indoor air quality. Insulation in your attic may stop outdoor pollutants from spreading throughout your living spaces, which means everyone in your household will be able to breathe easier all day long. You might also consider removing old, pollutant-riddled insulation material and replacing it with fresh, brand-new attic insulation.

Increase indoor comfort

No matter how old or how new your HVAC system is, a home that is under-insulated (or not insulated at all) will experience severe indoor temperature fluctuations. The rooms in your home can become cold or hot more quickly when the temperature changes outside—especially the rooms and spaces on upper floors and closer to the attic. If you notice a temperature difference of 10 to 15 degrees between the stories in your home, it’s a sign of a home with too little insulation.

Anyone in need of new or additional attic insulation installation in Northern California is encouraged to call the professionals at Ace Insulation Inc. to schedule an appointment!

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