Why Should I Have a Professional Remove My Old Insulation?

August 28, 2019

If you’re hoping to remove the insulation at your home or commercial property, you might be tempted to handle the job yourself. After all, you’re not planning on replacing the insulation on your own—you’re just attempting to get the old stuff out of the way.

Unfortunately, attempting to remove insulation on your own often represents a grave miscalculation on the part of home and business owners. Many types of insulation degrade over time, and can potentially become dangerous during the removal process. Additionally, failure to remove insulation correctly could damage the parts of your home that the insulation is anchored to, like drywall and support studs.

Rather than attempting to remove insulation on your own, you should instead call for the assistance of a company specializing in insulation in Northern California. Insulation professionals possess the equipment and protective gear necessary to safely remove insulation from your home or place of business.

Here are just some of the many reasons you should look to a qualified professional when it comes time to remove insulation from your living space or commercial building:

  • It’s messy: Before attempting to remove insulation from your home, you should know that it’s a messy endeavor. Most older forms of insulation are fiberglass based, and over time, fiberglass decays and corrodes. It will eventually become a dusty, heavily-corroded substance that’s difficult to fully remove even under the best of circumstances.
  • Mold potential: If you’ve ever had a leaky roof or pipe in your home’s attic, there’s a good chance that it got your insulation wet. While this may seem like a relatively minor problem, there’s a high likelihood that it actually caused mold to propagate inside your home’s insulation. Many types of mold are toxic, and require a professional hand to remove.
  • Expert opinions: When you’re working with a trusted insulation expert, you can count on them to provide you with their highly knowledgeable opinions. For example, they might be able to help you spot areas of the attic or internal structure that are heavily damaged.
  • Speed and efficiency: If you try and remove your old insulation on your own, you might quickly find out that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Often, removing insulation becomes far more challenging than it initially appeared because the insulation has degraded so significantly.
  • Professional gear: From special removal tools to eye protection and face masks, insulation removal experts possess a range of professional tools that help them safely, quickly and effectively get rid of old insulation. They’ll also have the resources necessary to properly dispose of the old insulation.

Since 2011, Ace Insulation Inc. has been a premier provider of services relating to insulation in Northern California. Our highly skilled professional insulation experts offer exceptional services at an affordable price. Headquartered in Petaluma, we can come to your home and remove old insulation and install new, fresh insulation in your living space or place of business. If you’re looking for a friendly partner to help you remove insulation from your home or business, reach out to one of our friendly representatives.

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