Qualities to Look for in an Insulation Service in Northern California

August 9, 2019

There are a few reasons why you might need the services of an insulation company. At the top of the list is putting up the walls of your new home and needing proper insulation materials, followed by replacing the existing insulation in an older home. In the case of commercial or industrial buildings, sometimes an insulation upgrade is necessary to meet code requirements. Whatever your reason for investing in new insulation, be sure you hire the right insulation installation contractor for your project.

Asking family and friends for recommendations is a good move, and so is taking to the internet to review customer feedback, company social media pages and business websites. Before hiring a company for insulation service in Northern California, perhaps the most important step is to make sure they possess the following qualities:

  • Experience: Although you won’t see the insulation materials once installation is complete, you do want peace of mind that all is well behind your sealed-up walls. A company with ample experience and a proven track record of success shines bright over a contractor with a questionable history. Don’t forget to ask about the experience of the installer assigned to your project.
  • Local business status: If you want to support your community, seriously consider hiring a local insulation company. Find one that’s been providing insulation services to neighboring homes and businesses for years, but still check on their credentials and experience to ensure they are the right choice for your needs.
  • Reputation: A stellar business reputation puts minds at ease. Companies with good reputations will have positive feedback plastered all over the internet and be in good standing on the Better Business Bureau’s website. A company with a good reputation will also happily provide some references without hesitation.
  • Customer service: You’re spending your hard-earned money on a product and service that you need, so the last thing you should have to endure is bad customer service. If an insulation company has a reputation for providing terrible customer service, even if their prices look good, cross them off your list of potential hires.
  • Communication: Communication is key, especially when it comes to comfort and safety. The best company for you will promptly return your calls and emails, answer all your questions and inform you right away of important changes in scheduling or pricing. The wrong company is one that takes a long time to get back to you or goes dark for no apparent reason.
  • Offers a variety of services: Does the company offer the type of service you need? For example, you wouldn’t want to hire a company that only specializes in commercial building insulation when what you need is insulation for your home. They may say they can do it, but you’re better off finding an installer that works in homes on a regular basis.

Ace Insulation Inc. is the team to call for home or business insulation service in Northern California. Our technicians are dedicated to your indoor comfort and take pride in all the work they do. Call us today to schedule a job!

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