What’s the Best Type of Insulation for a New Home?

August 23, 2018

When you’re building a new home, you want to make sure that you choose all of the best materials, including home insulation in Petaluma, CA. The insulation in your home keeps you and your family comfortable and can make a huge difference when it comes to energy efficiency, but it can be difficult to decide which kind of insulation is right for you. Doing a little bit of research about the different kinds of insulation you can choose from will give you the ability to make the right choice for your new home:

  • Blanket insulation:
    Blanket insulation is the most standard type of insulation for homes. This product comes in batts of material and is usually made of fiberglass. It is a flexible material that is usually pretty easy to install—some homeowners even choose to install this kind of insulation themselves. There are a number of benefits of blanket insulation, including the fact that it is designed to fit perfectly between standard studs and joists. It’s also an inexpensive insulation option that’s widely available and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment to install. The main disadvantages of blanket insulation are that it tends to leave insulation gaps around certain parts of homes, which makes it less energy efficient, and that it can be challenging to install in areas that are difficult to access or have non-standard dimensions.
  • Cellulose insulation:
    Cellulose insulation is made up of shredded materials, typically things like newspaper, that are combined with chemicals that make it resistant to fire and pests. Home builders and contractors usually use loose cellulose as insulation in attics and other unfinished rooms. In other parts of homes, cellulose may be dampened and packed down to fill in wall cavities. The primary benefit of cellulose insulation is that it’s an affordable option. In addition, it’s made of recycled materials, which makes it eco-friendly. Unfortunately, even with the chemical treatment that makes cellulose insulation fire resistant, it can pose a serious fire hazard if it isn’t installed properly.
  • Blown-in insulation:
    Blown-in fiberglass insulation is made from molten glass that is blown into fibers and binds to the material to fill in wall cavities. Blown-in insulation in Petaluma, CA is incredibly effective at blocking out thermal heat transfer in the summer and cold transfer during the winter. It’s also resistant to moisture and mold growth, which makes it ideal for homes in humid areas. The primary disadvantage of blown-in insulation is that it can be a costly investment upfront.

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