What to Look for in a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor in Petaluma, CA

May 24, 2017

You likely already know the benefits of installing spray foam installation in your home, but now you need to find a spray foam insulation contractor in Petaluma, CA that can do the job. Knowing what qualities to look for in these contractors can help you achieve the right insulation protection in your home and ensure it has the long-term guarantee you expect. Keep these characteristics in mind when you are looking to hire a spray foam insulation professional for a insulation project at your home or business:

  • Reputation: When going about hiring a spray foam insulation contractor in Petaluma, CA, you should consider the contractor’s reputation. It is good to get recommendations from friends and family and check out the online reviews of the contractor you plan to hire. If others have had a good experience with them, you are sure to have your expectations met as well and be able to rest easy knowing that you are working with a reputable business.
  • Experience and training: It is important that the spray foam insulation contractor in Petaluma, CA that you plan on hiring has the necessary qualifications to do the job. They should be trained and certified in installing spray foam insulation, and should have experience installing the product at many other homes and businesses. Ask for references to see their work and talk to other customers who have had this type of installation installed by the particular contractor.
  • Professional: Gauge the professionalism of the spray foam contractor that you wish to hire by their appearance, work vehicle and office space. If it seems disorganized or uncared for, this may give you some insight into how they will perform the work at your home or business. Look for a contractor that is well put together and cares about the appearance of their workspace. There is a good chance they will also care about you as a customer.
  • Affordable: You want to make sure your spray foam insulation contractor is affordable and falls within the budget you have set for your installation project. Ask for an estimate before committing to hiring them. This doesn’t mean you should always go with the lowest quote, as you could be sacrificing on quality as a result. Look for a contractor that meets all your requirements as well as your price point.
  • Local: Working with a local spray foam contractor will allow you to keep your business within the community. Local businesses need your support and will greatly appreciate your business as a valued customer. You will also be working to keep jobs in your area and allowing the money you spend on your spray foam insulation to be put back into the community that you live in.

Be sure to keep the above qualities in mind when you are looking to hire a spray foam insulation contractor in Petaluma, CA. This will ensure you have the opportunity to work with a contractor that you feel comfortable with and can expect to do a quality job. When you are in need of having insulation installed at your home or business, contact Ace Insulation Inc. We provide spray foam or blown-in insulation installation for residential and commercial spaces.

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