Good Reasons to Install Quality Garage Insulation in Petaluma, CA

March 28, 2017

It might be surprising to some people, but not all garages are insulated properly, if at all. Maybe the builder thought it was the best way to reduce overhead costs, or a homeowner didn’t think that insulation in the garage was necessary. What’s more is that you may not know your garage isn’t insulated; consider getting a home insulation inspection performed to find out, as well as to see whether any areas of your home can benefit from new insulation.

Let’s take a look at a few good reasons to install quality garage insulation in Petaluma, CA.

To create additional living space

If you want to get the most out of your home, then you’ll want to utilize as much space as possible for storage or enjoyment. The garage is the perfect area to turn into additional living space, but only if you don’t own a vehicle that needs protection from an enclosure. When using the garage as a workout room, game room or simply to store unused household items, the walls should be insulated to add temperature control and maintain a comfortable environment throughout the seasons.

To block out noise

Whether you use your garage for parking, as a workshop or additional living space, you’d likely prefer any type of noise to stay in the garage. A layer of noise-dampening insulation materials can help. Likewise, insulating all your exterior home walls—including the garage walls—can help to block out noise caused by outside traffic, nearby construction work, neighbors and the elements. Keep in mind that insulation does not provide total soundproofing, but it does help.

To seal up shared walls

A detached garage does not share walls with another structure, but a traditional attached garage does. It’s attached to your house by at least one door and likely no less than two walls. Without high quality, properly installed wall insulation, not only will noise find it’s way inside, but so will outside air.

Ultimately, air leaks will cause the hot or cold air from your HVAC—the air you want staying inside—to escape, or your HVAC system will get overworked trying to keep up with constant temperature changes. As a result, you may start to see a rise in your energy bills. Proper insulation can improve indoor air quality, because it will seal out car exhaust fumes, allergens and other respiratory health hazards.

To keep vehicles and belongings safe

Most items in storage will fare better when the temperature does not fluctuate drastically. And you won’t have to wait forever for your car to warm up on cold mornings or cool down on hot days. Insulation in the walls means your vehicle and stored belongings are pretty well protected from the elements and extreme temperatures.

Now that you know how much of an impact good quality garage insulation in Petaluma, CA can have on your home comfort, are you ready to talk to a professional insulation installer? Your next step should be to call the experts at Ace Insulation Inc. to learn everything there is to know about garage insulation. Contact us today!

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