How to Use Drill and Fill Wall Insulation in Your Home

October 1, 2016

With cooler weather just around the corner, now is a great time to make sure your home insulation in Petaluma, CA is up to the task of keeping your family protected from the elements. If you’re building a new home, renovating or redoing the insulation, one great option you might want to consider is “drill and fill.”

Below, we’ll take a look at this type of insulation and explain how to use it in your home. And remember, it’s always a good idea to call your trusted insulation company with any questions or installation help.

What is drill and fill?

Drill and fill is the process of drilling holes through your walls, and then blowing cellulose insulation into those halls to fill the empty spaces behind.

How can it help me?

If you took away the drywall of your home and looked behind, you’d see that there are gaps and cavities. This is because of the way the house is constructed, and it’s natural to have some spaces like this. However, it is not a great idea to leave a large space un-insulated, as this can let in heat and cold air all year, spiking your utility bill and worse. When an experienced insulation company uses the drill and fill method to insulate your home, you will notice it is much easier to moderate temperature and retain heat and cool air.

How do I install it?

First, you’ll need to move all the furniture out of the area. Then, lay down drop cloths; these will capture the dust created when you drill through sheetrock. Now you’re ready for the next step: locating the studs behind your walls. You can use a battery-powered stud finder, available at your local hardware store, to speed up this process. Grab your pencil and mark the drill targets in between the studs.

Next, get your power drill and attach a four-inch hole saw to the end. Drill slowly and cautiously—you don’t want to hit a stud. You might want to wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling dust and debris particles.

Now it’s time to get started on the insulation. You’ll need to use an insulation blowing machine, which will come with a long attachment that you will insert into each hole. Find a stick that you can use to press any loose insulation down as you go along. Fill each hole with the cellulose insulation.

The last step is repair. Get some mudding to fill the holds, let it dry and then sand it so it’s smooth and flat against the rest of the wall surface. You’ll probably need to install a backstop, as well, so the mudding is secured. Then grab a paintbrush, paint everything over and enjoy your newly insulated walls!

With projects like this, it’s sometimes best to call in a respected company to help with your home insulation in Petaluma, CA. Ace Insulation Inc. is here if you need us—just give us a call or stop by anytime.

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