Why You Should Choose Spray Foam Insulation

February 15, 2022

There are many reasons why you’d want your home to have a good seal to protect against the elements. A solid barrier between the interior and exterior of your home can help you save on energy costs. It can also prevent external contaminants from getting into your home.

That’s what insulation is for. There are a few different types of insulation. Spray foam insulation has become one of the more popular types. Homeowners can see that there are a bevy of pros to using spray foam insulation. Read on to learn more about the benefits of spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation

What is spray foam insulation? It’s a type of insulation that combines two composite materials (polyurethane and isocyanate) to create a foamy insulating substance that expands and eventually hardens. There are two types of spray foam insulation: open cell and closed cell. Open-cell spray foam insulation is the cheaper of the two, but has a lower R-value, meaning it doesn’t insulate as well as closed cell. Closed-cell spray foam insulation costs more but has a higher R-value. Now we’ll cover some of the pros of spray foam insulation.

Better seal

One of the main benefits of spray foam insulation is the superior seal that it offers. Because of the nature of the substance, you can take spray foam insulation and apply it to small cracks, and it will automatically expand outwards to seal them up. It can be used effectively in crawl spaces and holes as well. By some estimates, it is 24 times less permeable to air movement than other types of insulation, which helps your home maintain a comfortable temperature.

Saves money

An exceptional seal means that your home will expend less energy trying to maintain its desired temperature. Spray foam insulation provides a tighter seal, meaning that it can better repel hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter. One of the main causes of energy inefficiency is inadequate insulation. If your HVAC system doesn’t have to consume as much energy to heat or cool your home, that means you won’t have to pay as much in utility costs.


Since spray foam insulation can reduce your energy consumption, it is an eco-friendly insulation solution. In addition to that, it’s one of the longest-lasting insulation materials out there, so you won’t have to have professionals drive out to replace it as often and require them to burn fossil fuels in the process. Spray foam insulation is also made of an inert polymer, which eliminates a potential nutrition source for mold and bacteria, which is beneficial to your home’s air quality.

Impermeable to water

One of the benefits of spray foam insulation is that it forms an excellent barrier against moisture and water. Keeping moisture out of dark areas like your attic is key to preventing mold growth, and in the event of torrential rain or flooding incidents, your home will remain insulated and sealed tight—something that can’t always be said for other types of insulation.

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