Could Improperly Installed Attic Insulation Make You Sick?

December 28, 2020

Too many homeowners in Northern California believe they can get away with cutting out the middle man and installing insulation by themselves. They’ll end up suffering the consequences later on, because the truth is that improperly installed attic insulation can make you sick. Below are some of the amateur mistakes people make during a poor installation and the health risks that come as a result.

Wrong material for the attic

Not every type of insulating material is suitable for all areas of the home. For instance, fiberglass insulation has to be in a completely dry environment. If your attic suffers from excessive condensation, the fiberglass will dampen and become less effective. You’ll know it’s time to schedule a reinstallation when your energy bills start to hike up.

Wet fiberglass is also the perfect environment to promote mold growth. Mold triggers allergies, exacerbates asthma and creates breathing problems over a long period of time. It’s the most common airborne toxin responsible for poor air quality in your living space. Ask a professional to install spray foam or another water-resistant insulation material in your attic.

Older insulation releases chemicals

Improperly installed attic insulation can make you sick, but so can insulation that has long outstayed its welcome in your Northern California home. The building materials in a house break down over time, and insulation is no different. Outdated insulation releases harmful chemicals in a process that’s called off-gassing. The good news is that off-gassing is accompanied by a foul smell, so you’ll know something’s wrong right away.

Be wary of contractors who want to cover your attic with foam board. Despite its flame-resistant properties, this type of insulation can do more harm than good once it starts to break down. The chemical that makes it fireproof can seep into your living space and cause cancer after years of exposure.

Lack of protective equipment

Improperly installed attic insulation can make you sick if you’re the one installing it. As an example, spray foam requires personal protective equipment like goggles, gloves and a gas mask to prevent severe irritation. Spray foam is safe in its solid state, but may damage your lungs and skin during the installation process. It’s best to exercise caution and hire a professional in Northern California to install spray foam insulation for you.

Skin irritants and dust

Some insulation materials naturally emit airborne toxins and should be avoided in the home altogether. As the name suggests, fiberglass insulation is constructed with microscopic pieces of glass that irritate the respiratory system and become lodged in a person’s skin. Cellulose insulation releases dust that settles down into your living space and will trigger your family members’ allergy symptoms. These materials are not only uncomfortable, but also pose a serious health risk.

Installing insulation is not a DIY project. When you hire a trained professional from Ace Insulation Inc., you protect your family and guarantee a safe living space for years to come. We offer a variety of insulation materials to choose from and will make the appropriate suggestion with your family’s health and comfort as the top priorities. Reach out to learn more!

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