How Often Should I Replace Attic Insulation?

November 6, 2020

The average person doesn’t spend a ton of time up in their attic, so it’s easy to forget everything that’s up there. However, the attic holds some of the most important insulation for your home. Attic insulation is crucial for both keeping your home comfortable throughout the year and ensuring that it’s energy efficient.

Unfortunately, attic insulation doesn’t last forever. After about 15 years, homeowners should consider replacing attic insulation in Northern California. Some folks may need to replace their insulation sooner than that, though.

Here are few signs that it’s time to replace your attic insulation:

  • Higher energy bills: If your heating and cooling costs seem to be rising each month, it might be due to failing insulation up in the attic. As insulation ages, it becomes less effective at retaining interior heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Talk to a professional about upgrading your insulation to help save some money on your bills.
  • Uncomfortable drafts: Feeling a draft in the house when the windows are closed is a sign that something’s amiss. The draft could be a sign that your attic insulation isn’t blocking outdoor air from entering your home. It could also mean that the wall insulation isn’t doing its job. Either way, you should consult a pro about your insulation situation.
  • Moldy insulation: Take a moment to inspect the insulation in your attic. If there’s any mold or mildew growth, you’ll need to remove it and talk to a professional about updating insulation in the attic. Not only is moldy insulation ineffective, but it’s also a health concern.

The best types of insulation

All attic insulation isn’t created equal. Here are a few of the best types to choose the next time you’re updating insulation in your attic in Northern California:

  • Blown-in insulation: Blown-in insulation is often made of fiberglass and is used to fill the nooks and crannies in attics. Installing it can be a DIY job, but we always recommend hiring a professional for the best results.
  • Fiberglass batts: While blown-in insulation is great for the flooring, fiberglass batts are commonly used for the walls. Batts are easy to install yourself and relatively inexpensive to purchase. You may want to talk to a pro to ensure you’re placing the batts in the right locations.
  • Spray foam: By far, the best insulation for attics is spray foam. Once it’s sprayed, the foam expands to fill every gap in the wall. Since it covers every inch, it can be up to three times more effective than traditional blown-in fiberglass or fiberglass batts. Although it costs more, homeowners might see up to a 40-percent reduction in their energy costs by switching to spray foam.

We’re your go-to team for attic insulation

Whether you’re a new homeowner adding insulation for the first time or you’re interested in replacing attic insulation in Northern California, talk to the professionals at Ace Insulation, Inc. From blown-in insulation to spray foam, we have just the products you need to keep your attic well-insulated through the summer and winter months.

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