Do I Need to Insulate My Garage Door?

October 5, 2020

If it seems like your energy bills have been creeping up month by month, it might be time to insulate your garage door. Depending on the type of home and garage door you have, you could be leaking energy (in the form of cooled or heated air) straight out into the outdoors.

As Californians, we are all familiar with the push to install more efficient appliances, doors and windows—and you can even get garage door with added insulation in Northern California. When you think about it, it makes sense: the more you’re able to control the indoor temperature throughout your home, the better. Insulation is the key to preventing heat transfer from indoors to outdoors, making you cool and comfortable during the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

Here’s a closer look at why you should consider an insulated garage door:

  • They are more energy efficient: Naturally, we all know it’s important to not only save the planet, but also to save money on our energy bills. If you’ve found that the increasingly hot summers and colder winters are taking their toll on your wallet, the key just might be getting an insulated garage door. Garages are notorious for leaking warm or cool air to the outdoors, so it’s a smart, fast and easy way to double up on insulation and make sure you have pockets of warm air to protect your home. The same principle applies in the summer—don’t let the punishing sun drive your AC bill up if you can avoid it.
  • They are more durable: When you choose an insulated garage door, you’re also getting one that lasts a lot longer than your average door. Rather than single-layer doors, you’re getting something with a double or triple layer. That results in a much longer lifespan.
  • They’ll protect your storage: Most people store their unused, but precious, items in their garage. Are you really going to stuff Grandma’s photos from the 1930s in a poorly-insulated garage? (You shouldn’t if you want to keep them safe.) Moisture and temperature changes damage objects, especially things like paper and photos. Having effective garage insulation in Northern California wards off a lot of that moisture damage so you can rest assured your family’s legacy is happily preserved.
  • They’re quieter: Finally, who doesn’t love the sound of silence—at least once in a while? Noise can penetrate our homes, but it’s usually through thin windows and doors. If you have an insulated garage door, your entire home will be quieter, more peaceful and free of the neighborhood’s opinion on the latest sports team’s score—unless you’re one of those people yelling at the TV, too.

Are you interested in insulating your home’s garage door? Ace Insulation Inc. has been insulating Northern California homes since 2011. Call us today to learn more about our services, or find out more about what it could take to insulate your garage doors. We look forward to helping you save on your energy bills.

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