With Wildfires Becoming More Common, Reconsider Your Home’s Insulation

January 25, 2020

Northern California has suffered a spate of severe wildfires over the last few years, destroying millions of acres and tens of thousands of residences. Experts say that grass fire season could start even earlier than usual this year thanks to offshore wind and weather patterns, meaning that if you live in a fire-prone area, it might be time to reconsider what kind of insulation you use in your home.

Fire-resistant insulation

At Ace Insulation Inc., we use Roxul batt insulation to help safeguard homes against fires. This type of insulation is also called mineral wool, rock wool or slag wool insulation (Roxul is the most common brand name), and it’s designed to be fire resistant in excess of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fire-resistant insulation can protect your home—depending on which kind you choose—for up to two hours against wildfires. As we know all too well, firefighters are spread thin during massive wildfires, and every second of protection counts. Compare this to traditional fiberglass insulation, which will melt and allow smoke to pass through into the house.

Roxul batt insulation is not only good for your exteriors, thanks to its fire-resistant nature, but you might consider using it to insulate your interior walls as well. This helps with what’s called “passive fire resistance” (as opposed to active fire resistance using devices like sprinklers and fire extinguishers), where the goal is to prevent the fire from spreading as much as possible by preventing smoke, gas and fire from moving from room to room. When you compartmentalize your home this way, you can cut down on the havoc a potential fire will wreak.

It also provides all the traditional benefits of insulation. First, it has a strong R-value, meaning it will help stabilize your home’s interior temperature no matter what the weather outside is like, which is the main use for insulation. Second, it offers superior soundproofing capabilities, whether you’d like to keep the noise in or out of your home. Finally, it’s easier to install and holds its shape better than fiberglass batt insulation, saving you time and labor costs.

For us, the choice is clear, especially considering that there is apparently no end in sight to the devastating California wildfire season. If you live in the line of fire, consider replacing your insulation with fire-resistant Roxul batt insulation today.

Insulation installation in Northern California

Ace Insulation Inc. has been offering high-quality insulation installation in Northern California since 2011. Having the right kind of insulation for your home will not only save you money on your utility bills, but it could also help save your vulnerable home from fire damage. Our family owned and operated business is passionate about providing great service at affordable prices, so you can save money all year long. Are you interested in learning more about how Roxul batt insulation can protect your home from wildfires? Get in touch with Ace Insulation Inc. today to learn more and get a quote on new insulation for your home.

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