How Spray Foam Insulation in Northern California Keeps Your Home Cool in the Summer

May 28, 2019

Keeping cool in Northern California’s sweltering summer months is more of a science than anything else. We know when to run the AC, when to go for a swim and when to re-evaluate our homes’ insulation. Keeping cool in these parts takes more than a well-maintained air conditioning unit—it also means having the right insulation within the walls of your home to preserve that precious cool air while keeping the heat at bay. With summers seeming to be getting hotter every year, isn’t it time you made sure your insulation is pulling its weight?

If you are wondering how spray foam insulation in Northern California works to keep your home cool during the hot summer months, here’s what you need to know.

What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an expanding foam that is literally sprayed into the areas in need of insulation. Unlike more traditional insulation, like rollout fiberglass or blown-in insulation, foam works by completely expanding into the space in which it’s applied. For example, if a professional were to use this foam behind drywall, they’d shoot the foam directly into the space, allow it to expand and trim off any excess before placing the drywall.

How spray foam helps strengthen the building envelope

Your home is basically a series of spaces separated from the outside world. Places like your attic and basement may be inside the house, but they don’t necessarily share the same comforts as, say, your living room. Insulation helps to create barriers within the larger space to effectively save money while making your home as comfortable as possible. Any professional insulation expert will tell you that a home can have leaks and gaps, regardless of its age.

Why you should seal off crawlspaces

Speaking of leaks, crawlspaces are one prime example of a commonly overlooked area that could be costing you money every year on heating and cooling. Sealing these areas can have multiple benefits, not the least of which is a cooler home in the summer. Additionally, pests often take up residence in these spaces and will stop at nothing to make themselves at home. Secondly, left unchecked, they can be a haven for moisture and rot. Sealing them up with foam insulation takes care of all of these problems.

The deal with spray foam and ventilation

If you’ve ever had work done on the vents in your attic with blown-in insulation, then you’ve likely had the headache of cleaning up nasty dust long after the work was done. With spray foam, you have none of that mess to worry about. The foam encases the vents and helps to keep cold air cold and hot air hot as it travels through your HVAC system. If repairs are ever needed, the foam is easy to get through and even easier to replace.

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