Which Type of Insulation in Northern California Saves the Most Energy and Money?

March 28, 2019

Insulation is an essential component of any building or structure. Not only does insulation help you regulate and maintain the temperature in your home to increase your comfort throughout the year, it can also make a big difference when it comes to the energy efficiency of your home and the amount that you spend on power to heat and cool your home. To ensure that you are getting the best value possible out of your insulation, consider the types of insulation that are best for energy conservation and cost savings.

Most efficient insulation types

The efficiency of your insulation can have a big impact on the amount of money you spend every year on your energy bills. By selecting insulation in Northern California that offers high levels of efficiency, you can enjoy long-term cost benefits throughout the year. While all insulation is designed to deliver effective performance to help regulate temperatures in commercial and residential buildings, not all insulation materials offer the same level of efficiency. With that in mind, it’s important to consider the types of insulation that are going to offer the best efficiency and energy savings possible. Two of the most energy efficient insulation options are cellulose and spray foam insulation.

Cellulose insulation in Northern California is made up primarily of recycled fibers like newspapers, along with additional components designed to repel insects and reduce the flammability of your insulation. Because cellulose is made up mostly of recycled materials, it is considered one of the most eco-friendly insulation products. Cellulose insulation offers a similar level of insulation as fiberglass, but it’s also far more versatile. Cellulose can be blown into cavities, which makes it possible to insulate inside walls when all you have is a small access hole. This makes it easy to insulate spaces like attics without deconstructing your walls or going through extensive installation projects.

Spray foam insulation is another efficient insulation option. Spray foam is applied as a liquid and hardens and cures into a solid foam material that stops airflow and prevents drafts and thermal heat transfer. Unlike other fibrous types of insulation, spray foam acts as a total seal. Because of the strength of the seal that spray foam insulation creates, it offers incredible efficiency in many homes. However, spray foam insulation isn’t suitable for every space, so it’s important to get professional recommendations before you make a decision about any insulation material for your home. They will be able to give you a consultation to help you find the right type of insulation.

Find high-quality insulation in Northern California

You can find out more about all of your options when it comes to insulation in Northern California by reaching out to the team at Ace Insulation Inc. For years, we have been proud to provide comprehensive insulation services for commercial and residential customers alike. As a locally owned and operated business, we are dedicated to the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers. You can find out more about everything that we have to offer by giving our team a call today.

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